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Safety T-Shirt Contest

                Safety T_Shirt Contest

The fourth Tee Shirt Contest concluded with many entrants. Nearly every entrant could have been a winner, but the rules stated only five could win.

All three Plants submitted entrants, with three of the winners from Lima, one from Martins Ferry, and one from Navarre. A 7-person committee in Navarre picked the winners.

We appreciate all of those that took time to enter our contest by designing a SAFETY T-Shirt with a slogan. We hope everyone will continue to work and act SAFELY in all that they do whether at work, home or play.

The Winners Are:

1ST PLACE - Cherilyn Durr (Lima): $50 Gift Certificate and five tee shirts.
Slogan : SAFETY Prevents
             a Spill + a Slip
             a Hospital Trip
1ST Place
First Place Winner Cherilyn Durr
2ND PLACE - Linda Deibel (Navarre): $30 Gift Certificate and three tee shirts.
Slogan : Short Cuts Are Easy to Take!
             Don't Do It For SAFETYS' Sake!
3RD PLACE - Lee Ann Becker (Lima): $20 Gift Certificate and two tee shirts.
Slogan :   Safety
            Soak It Up!
3RD Place
Third Place Winner Lee Ann Becker
4TH Place 4TH PLACE - Millie Pitts (Lima): $20 Gift Certificate and two tee shirts.
Slogan: Paying Attention Will Always
            Prevent Injury

Fourth Place Winner Millie Pitts
5TH PLACE - Lisa Pasco (Martins Ferry): $20 Gift Certificate and two tee shirts.
Slogan: SAFETY In #'s
         2 gether It All Adds Up
5TH Place
Fifth Place Winner Lisa Pasco


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