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Alfred Nickles Bakery History Timeline

1903 - Alfred Nickles immigrates to the United States at the age of 19.
1904 - Alfred marries Emma Baumgardner from Iens, Switzerland.
1909 - Alfred, a Swiss immigrant, opens the Navarre Bakery and Ice Cream Company, In Navarre, Ohio, in the "Corl Building."
Alfred, his wife Emma and Emma's sister Ida Baumgardner are the first employees.
1914 - First delivery truck purchased. 
1927 - First sales distribution branch established in Canton, Ohio. 1928 - Ernest Nickles marries Lucile "Cookie" Rowe.
1934 - Company buys bakery in Martins Ferry, Ohio.
1934 - Alfred Nickles Bakery becomes incorporated. The Board of Directors are Alfred Nickles, Ernest Nickles, Edward Nickles, Charles H. Miller, and John F. Locke.
1936 - Edward Nickles marries Thelma Whitmore.
1938 - Company acquires Limbrecht Bakery in Warren, Ohio. 
1941 - Company builds an addition at the Navarre bakery. 
1949 - Alfred Nickles dies. Son, Ernest Nickles becomes President and CEO.
1949 - Marie Nickles marries David E. Gardner. 
1950 - Company builds an addition at the Navarre bakery. 
1952 - Company acquires Frank Baker Bread Company in Lima, Ohio. 
1953 - Company builds a new bakery in Martins Ferry, Ohio.
1955 - Company becomes a Charter Member of the W.E.Long Co-Operative.
1956 - Company acquires Hossick Bakery in Elkhart, Indiana.
1968 - Edward Nickles, (Ernest's brother) dies.
1974 - Company acquires Tony's bakery in Fremont, Ohio. 
1974 - Company builds an addition at Navarre bakery and adds an automated bun line and shipping department.
1978 - Company builds an addition at Fremont bakery and adds anautomated Adamatic roll line.
1980 - David E. Gardner, (husband of former Marie Nickles, Ernest&rsquos and Edward&rsquos sister) becomes President. Ernest Nickles remains CEO.
1984 - Company builds an addition at Martins Ferry bakery to automate bread line.
1988 - Company relocates bakery in Lima to former Monsanto building and adds two automated bun lines.
1994 - Company builds an addition at Lima bakery and adds an automated bread line and an automated Adamatic line.
1995 - Ernest Nickles dies after a 70-year career with the Company. David E. Gardner becomes CEO.
1996 - Company is named a "Family Firm of Distinction" by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.
1996 - Bakery in Fremont is closed. 
1997 - Company builds a sales distribution branch in Massillon, Ohio.  
1998 - Company builds an addition at Navarre bakery and automates the bread line and adds an automated bun line.
1998 - Company builds a sales distribution branch in Washington, PA.
1998 - Bakery in Elkhart, Indiana, is closed.
1998 - David E. Gardner, retires after a 50-year career with the Company.David A. Gardner becomes President and C.E.O.
2003 - Company automate bun line at Navarre bakery.
2003 - David E. Gardner dies.
2007 - Addition to Martins Ferry bakery built to house the creme yeast tanks.
2008 - Former Navarre Elementary School property located adjacent to Navarre bakery purchased in May.
2009 - Celebrated 100th anniversary.
2009 - Sweet roll finish at Navarre bakery automated.
2011 - Former Navarre Deposit Bank building located across street from Navarre bakery purchased to house Human Resources and Payroll.
2013 - Ernest Nickles inducted into the Baking Hall of Fame in March.

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